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The Venerable, Yet Highly Effective,
By Coach Wade

The "T" formation, sometimes called the "Tee Ball," is one of the more venerable offensive systems in football, but that doesn't mean it's outlived its usefulness. The formation offers the option game of the Wishbone, the passing threat of the Wing-T, and the power running attack of the Double Wing, in one balanced package. It has its roots in the Notre Dame Box that won the Fighting Irish a number of championships in the '40s.

The T is an excellent addition to most offensive systems because of the multiple lines of force generated by the full house backfield.

The only book I know of that discusses the T-Formation in any significant length is Notre Dame Football ~ The T Formation by Frank Leahy. This book was published in 1949, and is extremely rare. I purchased my copy of the book from a used bookstore, and have found a few other copies online at, an excellent source for out of print football books. The book has limited usefulness, because the game of football has changed considerably in the past fifty years, but coaches with some experience will probably be able to adapt the system to function at their levels and within their systems.


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